About Us

It all started with a Mama who wanted the best for her sweet boy.

The year was 2013. I was pregnant with my son and shopping for a 100% cotton bedding set, with sheets, pillow cases, and a comforter or quilt, free of fluffy and all the bad stuff. To my surprise, nothing like this existed. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands and use my 10+ years of experience in the craft and sewing industry to create a template design and craft one myself. 

That’s when MTA Bedding together with NFMB business and MarkaDecor were born. I began to share my creative talents and love for pure, natural products with others. To this day, I work with a team of passionate design and sewing professionals to bring all-natural, handmade bedding and drapery right to your doorstep.

My exclusive line of bedding and drapery is meticulously handcrafted with Premium Cotton. When producing our 100% cotton quilts and comforters, my talented team and I use 100% cotton low loft batting, which is the warmest natural batting ever created. It’s free of resins and glues and won’t separate or bunch. Most importantly, it’ll keep your little and yourself warm and comfortable every time.  

Whether you’re looking for the perfect finishing touches to complete your baby’s nursery, toddler’s or adult's bedroom or in search of a thoughtful gift for a loved one’s bundle of joy, you can go wrong with our safe, hypoallergenic, and one-of-a-kind products. 

With proper care, you can expect them to last through countless sleeps and washes.